Don’t Let Excuses Get in the Way of Your Goals

by | Jun 19, 2020

It’s easy to come up with a million reasons why NOT to do something.

I was going to do it but …

Whatever follows that “but” is an excuse.

It may be a legit excuse but it’s an excuse nonetheless.

There are valid excuses, weak excuses, and everything in between.

The tricky part is that we have the uncanny ability to justify our excuses without even realizing it.

It’s part of the beautiful protective mechanism that is hard wired into our brains.

This is why behavior change is challenging.

Your brain loves comfort and predictability because that increases your chance of survival (or at least it did 1000’s of years ago).

We become stubborn and set in our ways when it comes to changing habits and behaviors that are like second nature.

So, if your morning routine includes lots of coffee, no water, and low quality foods … making a simple shift in that routine will likely be met with unconscious resistance.

Similarly, when you want to achieve a body composition change, you’re fed up with how your clothes fit, you’re frustrated with how you look, and you’re anxious about being seen in a bathing suit over the summer …

Yet you can’t even get yourself to take the first step …

And, it doesn’t make any sense because you want this so badly but your actions say otherwise ….

Well, it’s your brain keeping you “safe.”

Unfortunately, that protective mechanism is very outdated.

And, it’s actually doing a lot of harm.

Because the comfort and lack of change are making things worse.

Are you even aware of it?

Most of the time, it’s automatic.

Excuses, justification, and continuing to do the same things you’ve been doing and then wanting a different result.

Even though logically we all know that to get a different result it requires a different path.

Recognize any of these excuses?

However … “I was going to do it but …”

– I wasn’t ready to commit financially.
– I wasn’t motivated to get started.
– I didn’t have the time to do it.
– I didn’t have enough accountability.
– I didn’t know where to begin.
– I couldn’t stay consistent.
– I messed up my plan and couldn’t get my shit together again.

Not only are these all excuses that get justified all the time … but they are examples of excuses that I have personally used and justified for myself.

And guess what … it was all bullshit.

It kept me exactly where I was … stuck and frustrated.

Once I became aware of the pattern I had created, I realized the change that needed to happen.

Drop the excuses. Drop the bullshit. And just fuckin do it.

Like actually commit. All in. Let’s just see what happens when we invest fully in change and transformation.

THAT’S when the magic happened for me.

THAT’S when I never looked back.

It’s not easy.

Like I said, we’re dealing with an outdated operating system that is trying to keep us comfortable and in predictable outcomes.

We have to actively seek discomfort.

The bottom line is this … if you want to stay where you’re at, then keep doing what you’re currently doing (there’s nothing wrong with that btw).

If you want to achieve a different result … it’s going to require a different path to get there.

I can show you that path.

It’s simple. Powerful. Effective. Liberating. And, Transformational.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

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