How to Take the First Step Toward Change

by | Aug 26, 2022

There wasn’t nothin like that first time …

She was in my math class.

Before I continue, if you already know the lyrics above, then we can be best friends.

The song is called Wet Dreamz and the artist is J Cole (one of my all time favorites).

It’s a brilliant display of story telling as Cole takes us on a journey through his mind as he was preparing for his first time having sex.

You can feel the combination of nerves, excitement, anxiety, and anticipation pouring through his words.

It’s almost impossible to listen to the song and not feel the exact same emotions or think back to your first time.

Do you remember your ‘firsts’?

For me, I had just finished my sophomore year of high school and made a plan with my girlfriend at the time.

She was going to come over to my house after my parents left for work.

We had the day picked out. We were both “ready.”

I didn’t want to go to the store for condoms so I had to steal one from my Dad’s nightstand (sorry dad!).

There’s nothing quite like being an awkward teenager doing something for the first time.

Or to quote J Cole from the song … “I ain’t never did this before, no.”

But it happened. Discomfort and all.

It’s funny to think back to all of your “firsts.”

The first time you had sex is an obvious one.

But remember your first kiss?

The first day at a new job?

The first time you deadlifted?

The first time you had to give a big presentation or speak in front of an audience?

Shit, I remember the first ever podcast I recorded like it was yesterday.

I was so damn nervous that I didn’t sleep the entire night before.

I laid in bed and thought of everything I would say.

It still makes me cringe when people tell me they went back and listened to episode 1.

I was so uncomfortable.

Doing something new will always create an emotional cocktail of nerves, discomfort, and excitement.

Often times it’s something we know we want (like sex lol) so we push through the discomfort and do it anyway.

Then, after many reps later, it feels easier and easier and easier.

And you hopefully get more proficient.

If you haven’t gotten better at sex after decades of practice then …

Never mind, let’s stick to the point.

Sometimes it’s something we know we want but it’s not as obvious that we want it so we allow the resistance of change to get the best of us.

Like leaving a job and starting a new one.

That emotional cocktail may feel like too much to swallow.

So you stay.

I did that for way too long.

The more you’ve always done things a certain way, the harder it becomes to execute the first step toward change in the other direction.

For example, if you’ve always been a people pleaser …

Setting boundaries for the first time is going to be difficult.

If you’ve always been a dieter …

Eating more for the first time is going to be difficult.

If you’ve always used alcohol as a way to unwind …

Finding a different outlet is going to be difficult.

Again, you can easily think back to all your firsts and how you felt in those moments.

So, it’s pretty well established that doing something differently than the way you’ve always done it is uncomfortable.

A change in your norm is met with resistance.

Doing something for the first time is scary.

And yet, you’ve been able to successfully do it plenty of times throughout your life.

Now … tell me why you expect changes in your nutrition to be any different?

Why do you say you’re not good at tracking macros when you haven’t been doing it for very long?

Why do you say you can’t be consistent when you’ve never actually tried a balanced approach?

Remember, we’re taking a different path than you’ve always taken.

I bet you that restricting calories and abiding by a bunch of “food rules” seems normal and comfortable.

Even though you know it won’t get you the results you want. The actual process probably feels pretty familiar.

It’s how every program operates.

Eat this. Don’t eat that. Do this. Don’t do that.

But once we start talking about eating to support your metabolism, inserting new habits into your life, prioritizing proper recovery, and finding the level of flexibility that allows you to enjoy your life while still making progress …

All of a sudden it feels uncomfortable.

Because it is.

Just like all new things are.

Consider this …

Joining our program is like having sex for the first time.

Once you experience it … you’ll never go back to the old way.

To take the first step toward change, you simply have to get over the initial fear and discomfort.

This doesn’t just apply to our coaching program.

It applies to every area of your journey.

If you aren’t getting in enough protein, you have to make a change to your planning or your routine.

If you aren’t getting in enough steps, you have to make a change to your planning or your routine.

If you are constantly under eating, you have to make a change to your planning or your routine.

Seems obvious but it’s easier said than done.

The process for taking that first step is the same process as having sex for the first time.

It’s knowing you want something enough to get uncomfortable.

Every single client that joins our program is excited and scared at the same time.

But once they get started, they can’t unsee what they now know.

And typically they say … damn … why didn’t I do this sooner?

The reason is simple …

We’ve mastered the art of individual transformation.

Mental and physical.

Take the first step toward change and a new you today!

We begin with understanding your Neurotype and structuring a plan that works with your nature instead of fighting against it.

Meaning, you’ll eat foods that help you feel your best and allow you to stay consistent.

Then, we prime your metabolism so your body responds exactly how you want it to.

This means we have to stop putting your body under constant stress and actually fuel it properly. This is where habits that support your goals are important. And the body composition changes will occur as a result.

Lastly, we make sure everything fits within your lifestyle so you can enjoy yourself and your life while achieving your goals.

Losing fat by any means necessary is a recipe for disaster. We’d much rather do it in a way that gives you the balance and flexibility you deserve. That’s how we ensure your results last forever.

We do this in our signature 6 month, 1 on 1 coaching program that produces the highest level of results for driven individuals who are ready to make a change.

I always say the average outcome is 20-30 lbs. of fat loss in 6 months but it’s important to understand that the results depend on the person. We’ve had some clients lose 100+ lbs. We’ve had some clients who only wanted to lose 10 lbs. but they really needed to improve their relationship with food and learn how to maintain their results.

The process works because it’s completely tailored to YOU.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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