This Decision Will Save You: What Will YOU Choose?

by | Aug 2, 2021

You are an active participant in your own misery.

Nothing like a solid gut punch on a Monday morning.

Doesn’t it feel better to take ownership and responsibility than to play the “woe is me” card?

I think so.

Anyway, it’s true.

If you’re not happy with anything in your life … and you’re not taking action or making decisions to change it …

Then, by definition, you are choosing and actively participating in that misery.

Now, your brain might to start defending you by coming up with all the reasons why you “can’t.”

But, they are all lies and stories.

There legitimately may be some things you can’t do for one reason or another … but I can promise you there are a bunch of things you CAN do and if you placed your energy and attention on those things … your whole world would change.

Let’s use an example.

You may be chronically under eating and sabotaging your results.

This can manifest in a number of ways like program hopping, being too restrictive during the week, depriving yourself of foods you love, or simply being afraid to eat more.

The writing is likely on the wall.

Binge episodes, lack of control, self sabotage, weekend indulgences, mood swings, intense hunger and cravings at times, low energy, brain fog, low sex drive, period irregularity, poor digestion, disrupted sleep, easily stressed or overwhelmed.

Note … it doesn’t need to be ALL of those things.

Everyone will receive different signals from their bodies.

Don’t ignore any of them.

Your body tells you everything you need to know.

Start listening.

And, if you want to understand what all of this means and how to fix it …

I just published a whole podcast episode on this topic with my friend and colleague, Joelle Samantha.

She experienced this personally and had to take 18 months to get her cycle back!

So yeah … it’s worth a listen!

You can check it out here on Spotify.

Or here on iTunes.

Anyway …

In this example … you’re under eating and sabotaging your progress in some way, shape, or form …

And, you’re ignoring some of the signals your body is trying to send you.

What are you going to do about what your body tells you?

If you haven’t changed your approach or done things differently …

Then you are an active participant in your own misery.

If you’re not changing it, you’re choosing it.

Just SAYING you’re going to do something different is not the same as doing it.

I have people that message me all the time that SAY they want change.

Then, when I ask a few questions or ask something of them … they disappear.

All of a sudden it got real.

It was no longer lip service.

Action needed to be taken.

And they bailed.

Effectively choosing their own misery.

Which is fine.

It doesn’t make them bad people … it just is what it is.

Making the decision to change requires uncomfortable action.

However, it helps to have awareness around this concept.

Because if you truly want change like you say you do …

It requires uncomfortable action.

Doing things differently isn’t easy.

Thinking about things differently isn’t easy.

Yesterday, I challenged everyone in our community to think about things differently in terms of the language they use and the stories they are telling themselves.

We all struggle with it.

Which is why having accountability, support, and guidance is so key.

You will often rationalize, justify, or be subjective with yourself.

Doing it on your own is an uphill battle.

You also don’t get any bonus points for suffering longer or struggling harder.

Alleviate the stress and mental energy that you are wasting.

Save yourself time and money.

Make the decision to invest in yourself.

When our clients invest in our 1:1 coaching program … they SAVE and GAIN so much in the process.

That’s not my opinion, that’s what they report back to me.

The amount of time and energy it saved them because they often felt like nothing would ever work before joining us.

The amount of money it saved them because they don’t need to bounce around to other programs … not to mention that they start advocating for themselves more and start to make better decisions in every other area of life.

It’s funny how often the money thing trips people up and those that make the investment end up getting way more in return.

The amount of stress that is removed … and that’s often why progress happens pretty quickly.

Anyway, you can keep choosing and actively participating in your own misery …

Or, you can decide that enough is enough and fully commit to doing things differently.

Sure, it’s uncomfortable.

But so is remaining stuck.

It’s your decision, as always.

If you want to finally unlock the results you’ve been craving and want to achieve true freedom so you can stop stressing about food and spending so much mental energy figuring this out on your own …

Then shoot me a private message on FB.

I will ask you to respond to a few questions and/or book a call so if those action steps are too much … then maybe you’re not quite ready to change.

Which is fine, I just like to set the expectation ahead of time.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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