Think Differently and Find Truth Defining Moments

Think Differently and Find Truth Defining Moments

What was THE moment? This question was asked to me on a recent podcast interview. I’m normally able to process questions quickly and deliver an answer, but this particular question made me pause (not great to do on a podcast LOL). The context of the question was...

Neurotype Type Training Zone WC1A

Training according to your neurotype can help you get the most out of each training session. Watch and learn as we go through how to get a type 1A individual into the right state of mind for their workout, from a neurological perspective. It’s all about Central Nervous System activation and getting amped up!

Neurotype Type Training Zone WC1B

Training Zone Warm Up and Cardio Type 1B Getting into the right training zone for your neurological personality, or neurotype, can make a huge difference in actually achieving the results you’re looking for. Instead of fighting against your unique personality...