Your Fears Are Just Excuses in Disguise!

by | Jan 22, 2021

We are all held back by the exact same thing.

I talk to a lot people each day in a variety of different situations …

Sometimes it’s a coach who wants advice.

Sometimes it’s a follower who is reaching out about nutrition recommendations.

And, sometimes it’s a random person who is asking me about starting a podcast, or how I produce so much content, or how to grow a business.

In every single situation, we are all held back by the same thing.

We are all held back by our FEARS

The coach fears not knowing what to do or not being qualified enough (hello, imposter syndrome).

The follower fears that whatever program they’re considering won’t work for them (been burned too many times).

And, the random person fears that no one will listen to their podcast, read their content, or support their business (the “what if” dilemma)

I always make time for those conversations because I’ve been each of those individuals.

Hell, I still am sometimes.

I have spent a lot of time studying fear and it fascinates me.

The root of it all is the fear of the unknown.

Our brains do not like unpredictable situations.

Ever hear the saying “we are creatures of habit”?

Yeah, that’s because habits are predictable. Our brains don’t have to “worry.”

This defense mechanism makes sense because of how we evolved where unpredictable situations could literally kill us in a moment’s notice.

However, in our current environment, it’s actually the opposite …

Staying the same is what kills us

Rather than going deep into a philosophical rabbit hole about life, I’d rather keep this specific to fitness and nutrition.

Most of us who have a particular goal:
-Lose body fat to look better or feel better.
-Build muscle to achieve a leaner physique.
-Pursue better health to be more active with your kids or stick around for your grandkids.
-Prioritize nutrition and exercise to avoid the same fate as your mom or dad.

Whatever the reason is, we understand that change is necessary.

If you wanted to stay the same, you wouldn’t have a goal. Plain and simple.

But, that’s when our fears come knocking at the door.

What if this doesn’t work?
What if this works for others but not for me?
What if I’m different?
What if I can’t do it?
What if I try and fail?
What if I can’t afford it?
What if I don’t have the time?

All of these internal thoughts are ways that your brain tries to keep you from making a change.

Remember, it’s designed for predictability. Unfortunately, staying the same is not an option.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have a goal and those feelings of frustration wouldn’t exist.

Most common excuses are: what if this doesn’t work, what if I can’t afford it, and what if I don’t have the time.

I say excuses because they are emotional triggers and rarely logical.

Our fears are often simply excuses

We don’t know if anything works until we try.

Most people jump to quick fixes because they are short in duration … 30 days or 6 weeks seems more doable than a year long transformation.

Logically, we know that nothing can truly be accomplished in that short of a time frame but we let the emotions win.

The average number of diets that a woman will go on in her lifetime is between 55 – 130.

Think about that.

So when we fear that “this won’t work” … it’s imperative to think differently.

Short-term solutions won’t work!

We HAVE to play the long game. We HAVE to focus on something personalized for YOU.

This transitions nicely into the time excuse.

You know what I think about when I consider all the fad diets I tried over an almost 10 year period?

The time I can never get back.

Not just the time spent dieting but the time I wasted because I wasn’t LIVING.

We think that 30 days or 6 weeks is less time and yet, when we add up all those unsustainable attempts, it’s COSTING us more time in the end.

Doing things the right way gives you time back!

Are your fears more costly than the solution?

And, finally, the ever uncomfortable conversation about money.

What do you think the cost is when you add up 55-130 diets?

It’s estimated that the diet industry will confiscate over $112,000 per person in their lifetime.

Fuck the financial hit … because money can be earned.

If I lose money, I can make it back.

What I can’t get back? TIME.

What I can’t afford to lose? My peace of mind. My health. My well-being.

We had a client recently say that in just 4 months of working with us, we SAVED her an estimated $20,000 in medical expenses, doctors visits, and other programs she was considering.

But deeper than that, it was the mental relief that was worth every penny.

This is not to be insensitive to financial considerations.

There have been a million situations in my life where I truly couldn’t afford something.

However, there are times when we need to look beyond our fears and understand the true COST of not doing something.

We’ll willingly throw away time that we can’t get back or even more money in the long haul because of a temporary fear.

The first step is always the most difficult.

But, those who take it are always grateful.

How do you know this will work??

Because this is what we do.

We are transparent and honest.

We work with you, not for you.

And there are plenty of others who are just like you who simply made a decision and never looked back …

It’s time to think of value instead of the cost.

Again, what’s the value of not being lured in by fad diets? Not wasting more time? Actually moving towards your goals?

More importantly, what’s the value of overcoming 20 freakin’ years of being afraid of food??

I honestly don’t know the answer.

It happened for me, personally, and now it’s my mission to deliver that same gift to as many people as I possible can.

But, you have to be willing to receive it. You have to accept that fear will be present but that it’s not going to stop you.

Because staying the same or wasting more time that you can’t get back is not an option.

If you want to learn more about exactly what we do, let me know or send me a private message on FB or IG.

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