Have You Found Your Forever Solution to Weight Loss?

by | Sep 9, 2021

Something is missing.

I want to tell you the journey of one of our new clients and see if you can find the missing piece.

Let’s call her Gwen.

Gwen started dieting 20 years ago.

She’s only in her 30’s.

She watched her mom struggle with weight for years, always counting points, always making comments about her body, and she inherited those traits.

Gwen decided when she was young that she would follow in her mother’s footsteps of losing weight.

Gwen’s temporary solutions to weight loss got her nowhere.

Her first attempt was Weight Watchers. Counting points because she had witnessed it so much.

She was on and off for years … never really finding success.

Then, she decided that carbs were her issue.

She went through stints of Atkins, South Beach, and eventually full blown keto.

Lost a good amount of weight but would inevitably gain it back each time.

I may have my timeline mixed up here but I believe she signed up for a program that does meal replacements like shakes and bars.

I want to say Isogenix.

She stopped doing that after a while because she found it was expensive and not something that was helping her with her relationship with food.

Then she found a macro program.

She would get a set of numbers to hit each week and one “cheat” meal.

If she went off plan, she was scolded for not being committed.

If she wasn’t losing weight, she was questioned about her adherence.

She did, in fact, lose 20 lbs.

But after a year, she started to binge and eventually gained it all back.

I’m actually leaving out some unfortunate details about the programs she tried because this isn’t about program bashing.

I want to see if the missing piece for Gwen is obvious.

Do you know what it is?

How about the fact that not one of these programs considered her lifestyle?

Now, Gwen is creating her forever solution.

I asked her a simple question …

Are any of those programs things you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life?

The part that made her stop and think for a second was her mom …

She said that she watched her mom try all of this for her entire adult life and she still struggles.

She still has a poor relationship with food.

She still operates with a diet mindset all the time.

And Gwen was not ok with that being her fate.

She sure as fuck did not want to pass that down to her daughter.

So she decided to make a change.

Look, it’s easy to think that what you’re looking for can be found in a set of rules that everyone must follow …

But that’s not how this works.

Are you ready to build your forever solution?

You HAVE to understand your lifestyle, YOUR body, YOUR personality, YOUR goals, YOUR personal preferences.

This isn’t the time to value shop options and pick a diet off the shelf.

This is the time to BUILD your forever solution.

It may seem more challenging, but it’s not.

As someone who spent 10 years on the chronic dieting roller coaster, trust me … it’s way more challenging to spin your wheels for a long ass time.

If you want a different fate, like Gwen … simply reach out.

We can show you exactly how to build your own forever solution and you’ll never need another diet ever again.

If that sounds good to you, just shoot me a message on FB

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