Nutrition and Fitness Is All About Personality

by | Jul 30, 2020

I’m about to break all the rules …

Every rule on marketing is getting flushed down the toilet  because I’m about to reveal, in great detail, our EXACT process for getting results.

Marketing 101 says … explain the WHAT and the WHY but never the HOW.

Well, fortunately for you, I’ve never been a rule follower  so here is our process …

Buckle up … this is going to be fun!

If you’re curious how we’re different, then you’ll want to pay attention.

What’s our secret?

Our simple, step-by-step process begins with something called:

1. Personali-ty-zation (I love made up words and this combines PERSONALITY + PERSONALIZATION.)

We start every individual with a personality assessment (which already makes us different) to gain a deeper understanding of your personality type.

Why? Quite simply, to understand what will keep you more naturally engaged in the process.

One of the most common issues with people pursuing health and fitness goals is the tendency to program hop.

I know because that was my M-O for YEARS.

What does personality have to do with fitness and nutrition?

Knowing your personality type allows us to structure things in a way that will be more naturally engaging and allow for greater adherence and consistency.

For example, there are certain personality types that thrive on repetition, structure, organization, and predictability (not me lol).

There are other personality types that thrive on variety, get bored easily, and need shorter term goals  (like me).

Once we know the way your brain is wired, we can then begin the personalization part of the process.

To begin, we get a full picture of what you’re currently doing, what you want to accomplish, and what you’ve tried in the past.

We also get a complete picture of what daily life looks like at the moment.

The reason for that is we’re building a plan around your lifestyle … not the other way around.

Most coaching programs tell you what you need to follow. Outline their rules and send you on your way.

That’s highly ineffective.

We look at your lifestyle and seek to compliment that.

There is no preset way of doing things.

Since everyone’s life is different … everyone’s plan should be different.

Where should you start?

The answer is … exactly where you’re at right now.

This is another mistake that most programs make.

There was a study done on fitness goal achievement at the University of Scranton that showed only 8% of people hit their New Year’s resolution fitness goals.

A big part of that epic failure rate is going from 0 to 100.

We’re all impatient when it comes to the results we want.

So, the natural tendency is to try to bite off everything all at once.

The statistics are very clear on that approach … it doesn’t work.

It’s a recipe for burnout and regain.

What we do is start from point A (where you’re currently at) and look for the low hanging fruit that will get you to point B.

We implement small changes that yield the biggest return.

Again, because everyone is different, this will look different for each individual but the process remains the same.

To ensure that you MAINTAIN and SUSTAIN the results we’re getting, we always make sure the process is enjoyable and that you can see yourself doing this for the long haul.

What about macros?

“Do I have to log and track everything that I’m eating?”

Short answer: no.

This is another question that is asked because of the inflexible nature of most programs out there.

There are a ton of coaching programs that won’t even take you on as a client if you aren’t willing to track macros.

One-trick ponies.

We believe in using the right tool for the right job.

Macros are just one single tool in a massive toolbox.

For some of our clients, macros work really well.

For some of our clients, not tracking at all works really well.

For some of our clients, a combination of tracking and not tracking works really well.

That’s why it’s so important that we understand your lifestyle, history, and current goals.

In the initial stages, most people feel a giant sense of RELIEF that they don’t have to follow some ridiculous set of arbitrary food rules.

However, there can also be some unlearning that needs to take place.

Many of us have been influenced by the diet industry to have an all or nothing mindset or think in terms of good vs. bad food.

That’s why the only non-negotiable in our coaching program is mindset work.

What’s next?

Ok, at this point, we’ve got a strong understanding of your personality, your lifestyle and goals, and have a plan set up that we believe is the logical next step to make progress.

Next, we move to:

2. Periodization

We always plan at least one step ahead.

Our bodies are built for survival and with that objective in mind, our bodies are adaptation machines.

In other words, our bodies will compensate and adapt to whatever we’re throwing at them.

That’s why the 1,000 calorie diet that you tried in the past only worked for a short period of time.

Your body adapted. You likely got frustrated. You likely said screw it. And you likely gained everything back.

There are two main objectives with periodization.

First, to avoid any negative metabolic adaptations.

We don’t want to sacrifice metabolic or psychological health for the sake of a physical result.

We’d rather put you in a position to make progress for life.

As such, we want you NOT DIETING much more than you are dieting.

It’s much more effective than continuing to just lower calories and increase activity.

Second, to avoid any frustrating plateaus.

Because our bodies are adaptation machines, plateaus are inevitable.

However, if we periodize and stay one step ahead, we can overcome them very quickly.

A major part of this process includes monitoring biofeedback.

Your body tells us everything we need to know … sometimes it’s just difficult to listen (either due to the nature of our crazy lives or for the simple fact that we haven’t learned how to truly tune in.)

When I say biofeedback, I’m talking about hunger cues, cravings, energy levels, sleep quality and duration, stress, mood, sex drive, digestion, performance and recovery.

Regardless of your goal, internal health remains at the forefront of our priorities so monitoring biofeedback is imperative.

Communication is an integral part of the process

This is where I feel like we truly excel.

The coaching/client relationship is an intimate one so we never cut corners on communication.

We offer email check-ins, 24/7 texts, and 2 coaching calls per week. We are the only program to my knowledge that offers this level of interaction on a daily and weekly basis.

In fact, there are programs out there that charge twice as much as we do for coaching and only offer one email check-in per week.

We are not the cheapest coaching program out there, but we certainly provide the best value.

Interestingly enough, as we’ve raised our rates over the past couple of years, the success rate has gone up in direct correlation.

We are now operating at well over 90% success rate, which is pretty amazing.

A significant investment in coaching is a significant investment in yourself, which is why I think we’ve seen that trend.

On the flip side, I used to work for a company that was one of the cheapest options for coaching but their success rate was 1%, which is pretty abysmal.

Bottom line … You get what you pay for.

The last thing I’ll say about the periodization phase is that it needs to be flexible based on what phase of life you’re in and how your goals have evolved over time.

The last stage …

Finally, we reach the third stage which is:

3. Potential

Right around the 90 day mark (although it varies from person to person), most of our clients realize that they’re capable of way more than they previously imagined.

This happens as a result of an improved mindset, greater self awareness, and reaching goals in a way that feels effortless and in alignment with their core values.

Once that momentum starts, it opens up a number of opportunities to continue to challenge yourself and pursue more.

The pursuit of potential takes on many different forms but often it’s setting goals to intentionally seek discomfort, continuing to educate and learn more, and wanting to pay it forward.

Our main objective for every single individual is to reach the point of total self reliance.

Many of our clients “graduate” where they have a complete understanding of their own individual needs, know exactly what their body responds to, and can fly solo without the need for coaching.

Our program is all about long term, sustainable change that lasts a lifetime.

That’s why we don’t do 30 day offers or cookie cutter meal plans.

We teach you to fish.

Ready to put your personality to work FOR you?

For those that want a rapid 30 day transformation or to be told what to do and be sent on your way … our program is NOT for you.

We recommend a 6 month commitment to get through this process effectively.

That means getting the results you want while living the life you enjoy.

Recently, I had a client, Gina, who graduated from coaching.

It took her almost two years to feel ready to fly solo.

Is a two year commitment worth it to create dietary freedom? To get the body you desire while living life on your terms? To feel in total control and empowered in your own skin? To have the peace of mind that you never have to diet again?

We believe it’s more than worth it which is why our process is the way that it is.

Lastly, we provide a ton of additional resources to ensure your success.

Our workouts are programmed and delivered through The Muscle Feed which is run by JK McLeod who not only programs masterfully, but also is available to answer any questions about training.

We give away more free value than most programs offer in their paid programs.

In our FB community we run two calls every single day called Daily Intentions, which is designed to create an environment of intentional action and support.

Totally free.

We also do a free training every Monday and free webinar every month.

The community we’ve built is unmatched by anything else out there.

We don’t just create physical transformations … we create whole person transformations based on your individual personality.

So there you have it … that’s the HOW behind everything we do.

Hopefully, no marketers are reading this because they’re probably cringing with me pulling the curtains back on our program.

I don’t like rules … I certainly don’t believe in food rules because I played that game for too long and it left me in a dark place. So, maybe that left a sour taste in my mouth with rules in general. 🤷‍♂️

Anyway, I hope this was helpful! If you think this process is for you and you’re ready to get the body you want while creating dietary freedom and total self reliance in your fitness and nutrition … hit reply and let me know!

To make 100% sure this is the right fit for you, go HERE and schedule a call.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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